I am writing this while watching my eldest son swim at a Leisure Centre on a Wednesday night. I usually use this time to either go to the gym or if I am trying to avoid that, do some work.

Usually, this isn’t high intensity work but simple day to day tasks which don’t need to be done in working hours such as emailing, some compliance work or similar.

As I look around I see parents (and guardians) on their phones, chatting or simply staring into space and it got me wondering why?

  • Why are they not using this time effectively?
  • Why are they not taking advantage of a couple of hours peace and quiet to do some reading or work?
  • And I wonder if these are the same people who are always moaning about how busy they are?

As you network around local business communities you always find those who get on with things and those who are always going on about how busy they are but when challenged can’t actually tell you what is making them so busy.

Are these the same people who close their business at 5 o’clock and watch three hours of TV every evening?

Are these the same people who turn off the mobile at 3pm on the basis that if they call back the following morning this is still within three working hours so is an acceptable level of service?

Are these the same people who moan and moan when you ask them to do something to help you but seem to be out every evening on Facebook?

I have no problem with people doing what they like BUT if you are going to run a business then surely you accept that sacrifices must be made?

When you next complain about being busy please think about what YOU would do when sitting next to the swimming pool!


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