1st October 2022

Anderson IT Management needed to obtain a quick solution for raising additional capital for our business, as we had an opportunity to expand our Private Cloud IT Solutions.

Having been a BNI Member for over 10 years it was very straight forward to find a quality referral partner within our BNI East Midlands region and I was introduced to James Blacklaws of JB Commercial Finance by one of our own chapter members.

James is a long-standing member of the Apollo BNI Chapter in Leicester, and I knew immediately after our first 1-2-1 meeting that James would be a business contact in whom I could trust to solve my problem.

Within just 2 meetings of helping James build a clear understanding of my business plan and reason for investment, James set to work on finding the best solution within the shortest timeframe possible. There was next to nothing for me to do except for signing the paperwork once an agreed loan had been confirmed and made available to my company.

JB Commercial have provided Anderson IT Management with an excellent service, prioritised my needs as James realised the urgency of the requirement and found the right solution that was affordable for my business.

I would not hesitate to recommend James to our members of BNI Castle in Nottingham, and my wider network of business contacts.

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