4th August 2022

Through James support and knowledge I was able to secure a bridging loan via my limited company for a 4 bedroom property. I was introduced and recommended to James through my financial adviser Stewart Warden. James took the time to really understand what I was trying to achieve by buying this property. Through open conversations James could really appreciate my vision and then advise accordingly. I was explained to and demonstrated why this was the best product for me and how this would help me achieve my plans for the project.

James was always available to answer any of my questions regarding the loan and was happy to stay in contact with the lender to help manage the deal through to completion. I valued this personal service helping me feel comfortable with the decisions I had made.

I have used many different finance specialist in my past property purchases but James bought a added quality in walking me through the whole process stage by stage.

Through this experience I have been able to grow my property portfolio and gain further education which Im sure will help me in future property investments.

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