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Working capital finance

The UK’s economic growth is predicted to be between 1% and 2% this year and sterling is currently competitive in foreign markets. This means that there are excellent opportunities for businesses that want to invest in future growth. However, for many smaller businesses, finding the funds for these plans can be a challenge.  As well as business loans from the

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Will Brexit bring on a recession?

An economic recession is defined as a decline in gross domestic product (GDP) – the market value of the goods and services a country produces – for two or more consecutive quarters. In the USA private equity investors are predicting a downturn in the UK’s economy over the next two or three years as a result of Brexit. Is there any

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Economy Finances – What would you like to know?

Economy finances – what would you like to know? For a start – what does it mean? In simple terms it’s about how decisions about money are made to make more money. The most critical factor is uncertainty, because financial markets are always changing. Or, to put it another way, it’s like your personal finances; you know you need to

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